Vulcan Records Remix Competition

As part of our launch we have teamed up with Studio Slave to offer up a remix competition.

Click here to enter the competition.
The closing deadline is April 3rd 2018

The rules of the competition are:

1. Create a track using some of the stems provided.

2. Showcase your production ability through creative use and manipulation of the samples in the found sound folder.

 3. Be unique, there is no need to use all of many of the stems. Feel free to add your own original parts and take the track in your own direction whilst staying within the confines of the techno genre.

4. Include some information about the creative use of the stems/field recordings in your submission. This could be by means of written information, screenshots or accompanying project file.

The top two remixers will get:
• The tracks signed to Vulcan Recordings
• £100 cash payment
• A copy of the original test pressings on vinyl.

Remixes must be uploaded to RemixMe/MetaPop